Meet the New Sound Techniques Team


Danny & P.H. bring the same level of passion and enthusiasm for music and the recording process that Geoff and John brought when they first started the Sound Techniques business in 1964.  With a combined  50 years of experience playing and recording music, Danny & P.H. are both "do-it-yourselfers"  who fell in love with the recording process during their music careers and built their own recording studios. The passion that Danny and P.H. share for the recording process make them natural partners.  Together, they will guide Sound Techniques into a new era of recording history. 

About Danny & P.H.

Danny was born and raised in Southern Indiana, while P.H. was reared down the road in Chicago.  Like scores of other starry-eyed mid-Western kids, they both grew up dreaming of carefree existence through a life in rock ‘n’ roll.  But making a living in the music business is anything but carefree, yet both succeeded by virtue of their unquestioned skill and abilities coupled with their blue-collar work ethic.  These are traits that they continue to bring to the leadership of Sound Techniques.

Meet Danny White

Danny, himself the son of a musician, began playing in clubs around Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky at the age of 16, which ultimately led to many years of touring the world with scores of artists.  He eventually turned his attention away from constant travel and performing in order to earn a degree in Business and Economics at Indiana University.  In 1998, Danny put his new-found acumen into action by founding Isle of White Productions and associating it with Vintage Recorders – one of Phoenix, Arizona’s finest recording studios.  This led to the opening of his own recording studio in Phoenix and a subsequent move to Nashville’s famed Music Row, where Danny established 16 Ton Recording Studios.  Under his guidance 16 Ton became one of the most successful and highly-regarded studios on “The Row,” hosting such artists as Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Robert Randolph, Gary Tallent, Rich Robinson, and many, many others, and interacting with every major recording label in Nashville as well as a long list of film and television clients.

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Through the years, Danny became deeply fascinated with the history of sound recording and cultivated an enormous interest in the restoration of vintage recording equipment.  This has in turn led to his involvement in the installation and/or restoration of some of music’s most storied recording consoles, including a Trident A Range from Trident Studios, RCA Studio B’s API, Norman Petty’s fabled four-track Altec desk and, most recently, Richard Branson’s Helios from The Manor Mobile unit.  For his own 16 Ton Studios, Danny conceived The Dymaxion console – the centerpiece of his operation.  Built in Los Angeles by his longtime friends Ian Gardiner and Steve Firlotte, the design for the Dymaxion became the prototype which helped to establish Ian and Steve’s company, the fantastic Tree Audio.

Meet P.H. Naffah

P.H.’s passion for music began at an early age and fueled his mission to become a top-flight drummer and to absorb and internalize everything he could about performing and the recording process.  He initially moved from Chicago to Tempe, Arizona in 1987 in order to attend Arizona State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Pre-Med).  Yet his desire to pursue his creative impulses quickly and easily swamped his more practical impulses and P.H. was soon a seminal participant in the burgeoning music scene in Tempe in the early 90s.  This led to the touring life and P.H. spent the next few years performing throughout the United States with various artists.

In 1994, P.H. helped to found a band called The Refreshments, which quickly became a local sensation and resulted in a recording contract with Mercury Records in 1995.  This led to sessions at OceanwayStudios and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles and a pair of hit singles which catapulted the group to some prominence and the #1 slot on Billboard Magazine’s Heatseekers Chart.  In 1997, famed cartoon animator Mike Judge tapped The Refreshments to write and perform the theme song to the wildly popular and long-running animated series King of The Hill.

The Sound Techniques Team

After delivering two albums to Mercury, The Refreshments morphed into a group known as Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers and P.H. and Danny White found themselves together as the rhythm section for the new band.  Taking on principle responsibility for the act’s recording activities, The Peacemakers landed two worldwide #1 albums on Billboard’s Internet Sales Chart.  When Danny left the band in 2004 to facilitate his move to Nashville and the establishment of 16 Ton Studios, P.H. continued to oversee the group’s recording efforts, landing another pair of #1s on the Internet Sales Chart in 2006 and 2008.

Danny and P.H. together have served as a rhythm section for a wide variety of nationally-known artists including Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton, Nils Lofgren, and Sam Moore of Sam & Dave.

Danny and P.H.’s endeavors with Sound Techniques represents a natural progression for these longtime bandmates and music industry veterans.  Their shared enthusiasm for recording technology, their abiding respect for its historical roots, and their finely-honed skills as musical partners dovetail perfectly to make this the ideal pursuit for both of them.  And their combined 60 years of experience in the business provides a solid skill set to enable them to move the iconic Sound Techniques marquee forward into the future. 

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