The Story of Sound Techniques:  How It All Began


Turning a Dream into Reality

Sound Techniques, Ltd. started as a small recording studio at 46a Old Church Street, Chelsea, London SW3 and was the passion of two friends who set it up, Geoff Frost and John Wood. Sound Techniques was the classic story of a couple of guys who loved music, didn't have a lot of money to buy equipment or a studio for that matter and so they built it all themselves. From turning an old 18th century dairy building into a studio (literally where they used to milk cows) to building their own equipment from nuts and bolts and spools of wire, Sound Techniques grew from a dream into a reality.


The Golden Age of Recording

This was 1964 and it was the beginning of the golden age of recording. The world was changing. Music was changing. And soon a little band called The Beatles would take the music business by storm. For those brave enough, entrepreneurs like Geoff and John began to break out on their own, challenging the major label/company giants. Sound Techniques Studio, along with other iconic independent studios in London such as Olympic and Lansdowne, were a among the very first independents in Europe.


Expansion of Sound Techniques

The success of Sound Techniques was such that other studio owners, and would be owners, came calling to hear what was going down at the little studio in Chelsea. What happened would change the world of pro audio forever. Studios such as Sunset Sound and Elektra in Hollywood ordered new Sound Techniques desks, as did Trident and De Lane Lea Studios in London. With these desks, some of the greatest artists on the planet would create a jaw dropping discography. It's safe to say that over the last fifty years,  the songs created with Sound Techniques equipment have been playing on home stereos and car radios around the world, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 


Sound Techniques Documentary

The Parts You Don't Hear:  The Untold Story of Sound Techniques

The Parts You Don’t Hear is set to be a miraculous untold musical journey helmed by directors Neil Innes and Nicolas Turner and produced by Nick Bolger of Icon International. Backed by the incredible music created by the legendary musicians of the time, and filled with insight by the people themselves, The Parts You Don’t Hear wants to examine the changing world of recording music through some the best ever captured. Learn more about the film.

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